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Visual Studio Tutorial - Make Application Beep

 In this video Keith Elder walks users through how to develop a windows application that makes a computer beep using Visual Studio, .Net Framework and the C# programming language.
Category:Visual Studio


How to Make a Database App in Visual Studio in 10 Minutes!

 techtips.timlaytonllc.com - In this beginning Visual Studio tutorial I literally walk you through the exact steps required to design and build a fully working contacts database application from start ...
Category:Visual Studio


Visual Studio C++ Tutorials: Hello World

 First part in my C++ Programming Series, this will show you how to make the simplest program in C++, also known as hello world. Enjoy! PS: Sorry if the video is crappy next time ill know what i did wr...
Category:Visual Studio


Visual Studio Database Application - Part 1

 Visual Studio Database Application is not hard to implemenet, watch these 4 parts videos to cure that phobia watch more videos at stepbystepvideotutorials.com
Category:Visual Studio


Creating a Visual Studio Web Application

 Using Visual Studio 2005 to create a Web Application
Category:Visual Studio


Visual Studio Tutorial - Part 1 - Overview and Layout

 This video by Keith Elder kicks off a series of Visual Studio tutorials entitled "Back to the Basics" that takes users from the beginning of how to use Visual Studio. In this tutorial, the very basics...
Category:Visual Studio

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