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Visual Studio 2008 Multi-Targeting

 blog.dmbcllc.com Does mult-targeting work? Can you move to Visual Studio 2008 today even though you are still developing using .NET 2.0? This video reveals it all.
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When I Build You (The Visual Studio 2010 Song)

 Jibran, overwhelmed with the mind blowing features of Visual Studio, escapes the office only to find his uncontrollable love expressed in song. whenibuildyou.com
Category:Visual Studio


OpenMP in Microsoft Visual Studio

 A brief how-to showing an example that takes advantage of a programming API called OpenMP to add multithreading to an application and resulting in a performance boost by taking advantage of multicore ...
Category:Visual Studio


Inheriting from Forms in Visual Studio using C#

 Tutorial on how to inherit from a form in Visual Studio
Category:Visual Studio


Visual Studio 2010 Beta Test

 Download link: mypublicfiles.com Don't throw out that old VCR! Hack it to find all kinds of goodies inside! ... VCR Hack! 500 Round Per Minute Dart Chaingun Hack We hacked a Nerf Vulcan chaingun to fi...
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Visual Studio 2005 Express Tutorial - Part 2a of 6

 idealprogrammer.com - We look at how to find the existing and new starter kits for VB 2005. We run the RSS Screen Saver starter kit. Next, we will modify the kit and install the screen saver. You can ...
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