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Little Big Planet - Large Cruise Ship Concept

  Shared By: gp3159      Date: Jan 07      Category: OOPs Concept     
0:20 - The Ship is lowered into the water. 0:30 - Rear cargo hatch is closed. 0:40 - Working car. 0:45 - BOOOOOOOOZE! Ahem. 1:56 - Oops. 2:35 - Bartender dispenses drinks. 3:06 - Ship has a working horn! 3:16 - Ship does have propulsion. 3:45 - Powering off overhead lights. 3:56 - Powering off main restaurant lights. 4:11 - Powering off everything on this deck. 4:35 - Powering off engines. 4:45 - The grand-daddy switch on the entire ship. (Cuts power to entire ship, except elevator to deck 2) 5:55 - Distress flares! Used AudioSwap. I don't know what in the original recording set off the copyright alarm but I didn't want to mess with it so I just picked the calmest song I could find.

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