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CS & IT Symposium 2010: Using Greenfoot to Motivate Students and Teach OO Concepts

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Computer Science Teachers Association Computer Science and Information Technology Symposium July 13, 2010 Using Greenfoot to Motivate Students and Teach OO Concepts Presented by Michael Kölling Greenfoot is a highly interactive, graphical system (developed by the designers of BlueJ) that allows introductory teaching of programming in an engaging and motivating way. Teaching with Greenfoot generates motivation for students through the use of interactive graphical programming, such as simulations and games. It uses a similar approach to motivational programming as Alice and Scratch, however, it uses standard Java as the implementation language for students. Thus Greenfoot combines the motivational benefits of dedicated graphical introductory teaching systems with the use of a standard programming language. The target audience is beginning programmers from age 14 upwards. This presentation introduces everything a teacher needs to know to start using Greenfoot in a classroom. This includes teaching examples, pointers to additional teaching material, tutorials, and a teacher community platform for sharing and discussing material. For more information, please see csta.acm.org


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