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Aves Engine - HTML/JavaScript - A Web Game Engine - Sneak Preview (www.dextrose.com)

  Shared By: actraiser      Date: Apr 16      Category: HTML     
Released during the jQuery Conference 2010 by Team Dextrose! Here are the slides from the Presentation at jQuery Conference 2010 by Paul Bakaus: www.slideshare.net If you want to stay up to date with Aves Engine News you may want to follow twitter.com (english) or twitter.com (german) The Aves Engine is a software development kit to generate spectacular browsergames without the need for third-party plugins like Microsoft Silverlight or Adobe Flash on the end-user side. Highly inspired by Game Engines from the PC and Videogame-Industry, Aves-Engine is aimed toward serious browsergame publishers and game studios who want to benefit from a component based engine architecture and cross-plattform compatible code to deliver high quality games on any desktop operating system or mobile devices. The video shows some scenes and features put together based on the early alpha built of the engine. It shows some nice unique techniques in the frontend rendering, however, this is only a very small portion of what the Aves Engine is really about. We are in the early stages of the development but are happy to show interested investors, gamestudios and publishers working prototypes of the game engine to demonstrate performance and commercial prospects. check out www.dextrose.com for more infos or send mail to contact@dextrose.com


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