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Eugene - What is wrong with my code?Jan 05
Ajay - plz help me in this code,what is the errorJul 30
Adah - what is the simplest way to create show desk top icon? Feb 15
Adah - what is the GRUB boot screen Feb 15
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Adah - What is the command for opened files for a process? Feb 12
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Adah - What it take to run 3D Feb 11
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Adah - How or what is Zorin OS?Feb 05
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Adah - What is the %u in the Firefox icon in panel for Jan 21
Adah - what Kernel is 10.04?Jan 21
Adah - what is the best way to start with ubuntuJan 08
Adah - What is Alien? Jan 04
Adah - MP3 previews on "hover" what library/package is this system...Jan 04
Adah - What does this mean and how do I fix it? Jan 02
Adah - What's a splash screen? Dec 28
Adah - What is the difference? Dec 26
Adah - what files were changed?Dec 26
Adah - What is Ubuntu Hardy HeronDec 26
Adah - how do i find what version i have? Dec 21
Adah - What type of format do programs come in on LInux? Dec 19
Adah - How can I tell what drivers/modules are loaded? Dec 17
Adah - What to look forward to with latest Fedora and latest Ubuntu...Dec 17
Adah - what antivirus the best for linux Dec 13
Adah - Kubuntu 8.04 will not boot to login screen. What do I do now?Dec 13
Adah - What apps are you using for photo work in linux?Dec 12
Adah - What are the best instructions for a beginner installing from...Dec 12
Adah - What is an executable? Dec 12
Adah - What is fakeroot Dec 11
Adah - What needs to be fixed in Unbuntu to stop problemsDec 09
Adah - what do you like best about ubuntu 9.04 Dec 07
Adah - what is gnome and kde Dec 06
Adah - Black Screen following Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 install...Dec 05
Adah - VirtualBox what is NAT connection for folder sharing? Dec 04
Adah - What do you call a OS built on Ubuntu? Dec 03
Adah - What's Mono?Dec 03
Adah - Ubuntu server or what? Dec 03
Adah - What's the easiest VPN ever? Nov 30
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