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running a macro online on a xl file uploaded via a website

  Asked By: Charlie    Date: Oct 19    Category: MS Office    Views: 2560

any one knows if it is feasible to run a macro on a file uploaded via
a website and then return the file to the user as an excel file open
in the browser (that the user can print or save on his pc). Is this
dependent on the website software or is it a pretty standard

I am also thinking about the speed: the file is not that big (max
0.5MB) and to run the macro on a home pc would take a few seconds -
would the speed change significantly if this is done online?

I would very appreciate sharing some ideas or experience on this.



5 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Chaths Massri     Answered On: Oct 19

I've never done this, but I'm pretty sure that the server would need
to have the software  you require and that the admin would then have to
agree to you running  your own code, which I'd think is an unlikely

Answer #2    Answered By: Tarron Thompson     Answered On: Oct 19

I am not clear - there are many sites where you supply some data and
after they perform some calculation the result is returned in the
browser (for ex. on spot insurance premiums); So you think the xl
macro is the problem? in the sense that a hosting site would not allow
a protected xl macro  to run  on their server?

Answer #3    Answered By: Vid Fischer     Answered On: Oct 19
Answer #4    Answered By: Daniel Costa     Answered On: Oct 19

I do not know of any website  that does this by means of an excel
spreadsheet. There are plenty of websites which use web apps to do this but
they are not spreadsheets.

Unless you own the web server (as distinct from using a hosting service) you
are not likely to have enough control of the server to do what you want with

If you do own the server you could set it up so that you could process any
spreadsheet uploaded  to a particular directory. You could then either
display information in the client's browser  or provide a link for them to
download the processed spreadsheet.

You would need a good knowledge of web server operation, the programming
language to be used on the server (e.g. php, ASP.Net, etc.) and VBA. If you
had this knowledge you might well decide that excel  was not the best way to
go for your project.

There are providers who enable you to use excel on a website. I do not know
if any of them allow you to use VBA.

Answer #5    Answered By: Grace Ellis     Answered On: Oct 19

thank you very much for clarifying this.

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