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Copy abc.txt into xyz
Posted On: Jul 18         Comments: 0
Copy abc.txt into xyz, Copy abc.txt into xyz
Unix Commands and description of ls,logout,mkdir,rmdir,rm,cd,man,talk,write,pico,pine,more,sz,rz,telnel,ftp,archie,irc,lynx,gopher,tin,trn,passwd etc
Posted On: Dec 20         Comments: 0
Unix Commands and description of ls, logout, mkdir, rmdir, rm,cd, man, talk, write, pico, pine, more, sz, rz, telnel, ftp, archie, irc, lynx, gopher, tin, trn, passwd,chfn, chsh, grep, tail, who, w, f...
Count no.of lines in file abc?
Posted On: Aug 11         Comments: 0
Count no.of lines in file abc?
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