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Online Excel File Acces and Saving

  Asked By: Lewis    Date: Sep 15    Category: MS Office    Views: 674

I've been a quiet member of our group observing all the details from the

Now I've a concern and want your help to resolve it.

By GOD's grace I got good knowledge in Excel Macro and did many things for my
official project activity.

We are monitoring our project's activity across the country in 20 states from
our Corporate and it all includes only excel, excel and excel file. We've some
sort of trackers which will be used and updated by the circle team and the same
will be received by us through email which we will update for total country's
project status.

We had developed a software written is ASP and SQL Server for database and it
has some sort of disadvantages when compared to easy access of excel as all of
our employees are good in excel and they feel some sort of non easiness with
that. I promised my Project Head, AVP and COO that I'll do the same in excel
where I can give all sort of dashboard/snapshot reports and incorporate all sort
of advantages you see in ASP.

I did the same and they were happy including me, but at the last stage I have
been blocked by a major concern.

I uploaded the file in one online file sharing web server and accessed the file
from my computer using the link provided by the website for that file. It opened
good and the macro was also working good and I can able to do all. But atlast
when I Save the file it is not getting saved on the same remote server, instead
it is asking me to save it locally in my hard disk. I tried the same from other
computer and the same result. I've macro in that, when the user closes the file
then it will be automatically Saved and closed. Again it is asking me to do the
same by saving locally.

This is my only major concern. I don't know how to come out of this.

I need your expert advice for this. Please tell me how can I achieve by keeping
the file in a web server which will be shared and accessed by all at any time
and the most important it should get SAVED whenever user saves it or closes the

I've searched 'n' number of websites for online file sharing and access, but all
are having the same problem. The file is getting opened and accessed without any
problem, but its not getting saved on that remote server.

I'm testing the same with some thrid party remote server. Once I'm success in
this then I'll upload the file in our own company server.

Kindly advice me as how to come out of my problem. My file should get Opened,
Accessed, Saved and gets Updated with the status of all users update.



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Abejundio Garcia     Answered On: Sep 15

It is just not practicable to open and save  files across the web. If your
company has a wan you could use this. The reference to the file  would be
through a mapped drive rather than through the www.

Alternatively your hosting company  may be able to set up direct connections
through TCP/IP.

Answer #2    Answered By: Uma 1985     Answered On: Sep 15

Couldn't you run a Sharepoint portal on your company's server? For
security purposes, require registration and administrator validation
for each user. Then anyone with a login can go in and do "Shared
Workspaces" with your file.

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