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File formats ( Excel 2003 & Excel 97 ) ?

  Asked By: Reginheraht    Date: Dec 22    Category: MS Office    Views: 1702

I have an Excel (w/VBA) application
on my computer with Excel2003.

I am having a problem with saving the program and its data
on another computer with Excel97 installed on it.
My computer has Excel2003 and it does save the
application and its data alright. But on this other
computer with Excel97 it doesn't do it even with this
VBA code as: ThisWorkbook.Save

The Excel program shows that it is trying to save
( long amount of time and the mouse hour glass is displayed )
the program and its data. But it doesn't and the
time ( modified date ) never was updated on the
computer with Excel97 on it.

What doesn't it save the program and its data ?



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Code Guru     Answered On: Dec 22

I got to thinking, just maybe on this other person's computer who has Excel97.
Maybe the Excel file  application is READ-ONLY; thus the reason for not saving
the data/etc.
Question then is; how to know if the Excel file application on the other
person's computer is READ-ONLY when it is loaded up.
If it is READ-ONLY, then how to change it READ&WRITE so the Excel file will be

Answer #2    Answered By: Qadriyyah Malik     Answered On: Dec 22

If it was read-only, they'd know when they opened it I would think.

You might also have a simple compatibility problem. I go from 2003 to 2000 all
the time, and from 2000 to 97 all the time, but I've not yet tried to go from
2003 to 97. It's quite a back-track and you can feel happy it opens at all. It
may be asking a bit much of it to expect it to save too.

Question (the thread has been chopped off, and I forget) ... is the 97 user
doing "save" or "save as"? There's a slim possibility that "save as" will work
better than attempting to update the existing file.

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