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help requested for using excel's built-in function in coding

  Asked By: Robert    Date: Oct 16    Category: MS Office    Views: 963

I am very new to VBA progamming. Can somebody help me
on how to use
vlookup function within the code (for that matter any
function of Excel). Suggestions with example code
will be most

My need is like this:

1) I have a list of items with itemcode, itemname,
itemspec2 ... itemspec5

2) I keep the above data in a sheet and give a name to
the area
storing the above data

3) I create a userform. In the userform when the
itemcode is input
(through combobox control), I expect the 6 other list
boxes to show
the respective itemname and itemspec1 to itemspec5.

I thought using vlookup function of excel is the way
out to get the
name and spec info displayed in the userform . Is it
possible. If so
how to do that in the code ?



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