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Recovering bad Excel file

  Asked By: Arnold    Date: Oct 24    Category: MS Office    Views: 2578

The Merging two sheets thread reminded me of a neat trick (that
used to work a while ago - haven't tried it lately. It was used as a
way to get data out of a damaged Excel file which could not be
loaded...sorry, Opened. It works because Excel could get data out of
a file, cell by cell.
It was done by simply setting up a formula, in a new sheet, which
referenced the damaged sheet, same cell. The formula was simply the
equals sign followed by the cell number. If you know how to type
this in you can, but it can be set up like this.

1- Open a new workbook. This will collect the data from the bad
sheet. I'll call this "Restored_Data"

2- Open another new sheet. This will be your "surrogate" bad sheet.
You'll see why later. I'll call this "TEMP". It never actually gets
any data put tinto it.

3- In the still empty Restored_Data file, select the first cell you
want to get data into and enter the "=" sign.

4- Go to the Temp sheet and select that same cell. This is the cell
you want to get data from, but it is in the still blank surrogate
sheet. This creates a link from the still empty surrogate/bad sheet
to the Restoredsheet.

5- Now, go back to Restored_Data and in that cell, change the
filename in the formula to that of the bad file. Be careful not to
remove any non-filename characters -- like the !.

6- Now simply copy this formula all over the Restored_Data sheet
where you think data is. The data appears (at least it did for me)

I've never had this fail to get all of my data...



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