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excel 2000 question

  Asked By: Violet    Date: Jan 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 718

can i ask you a question?
i am doing the manchester mill assignment.
for some strange reason some of my formulas are showing the number! number!
and all other values in the currency format are shown.
if i change to number, the figures are shown, and the number number goes
it is only a few values which has got it again, if i change it back to
currency with no decimal points.
am i doing something stupid?
do not want to start again from scratch, and a lot of the time taken is
setting up, formatting, etc.
and in jaws i can see if a boarder is around the cells.
by using shift alt b.
but for some stupid reading, jaws would not let me get past, and had to shut
excel down and reload it to get the problem fixed.
can you offer any suggestions.
it is about 8 or 9 values which displays the number, number.
the formulas i was using is for the total cost per month, and using the
formula from the cost per month from the slaessales, and doing calculations
for the costs like labor, rent, etc.
and the formulas i am using are:
collumn b 8 to collum m8 is for sales, collumn b 9 to m 9, is for costs per
and collumn b 10 to m 10 is for the total costs per month.
so the formulas is:
=sum(b8,c15:c18), and then for the next collumn, using the formula
and then for the total costs per month i use =sum(b10,c15:c18)
it is driving me crazy.
checked the formula and it is correct.
so this is a curly one why some values are not showing up.
could be a jaws thing, maybe an excel got a bit screwed, or maybe it is
stupid me user error?



1 Answer Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Elmer Young     Answered On: Jan 11

Try adjusting the width of your column. The number, number,
number or #### symbols typically indicates that the width of the column
is too narrow to display all of your numbers, which would happen if you
increase the number of decimal places to be stored in the cell.

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