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Java Frame work and Tools needed

  Asked By: Ryan    Date: Oct 26    Category: Java    Views: 1817

two of companies that I give them consultancy, are willing to buy some
ready made tools and infrastructure components for their Java EE
development team in near future,
if your company is in Iran,
and has developed a good tool or framework, (or will finish it soon)
and is willing to sell it,
and it can support it in future for at least 5 years (of course all
costs will be paid)
send me a brief introduction of your products



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Answer #1    Answered By: Emma Campbell     Answered On: Oct 26

looks like some members here has misunderstood my need,
I want to buy some java  development tools  <<legally>>
a stolen software has not much value! it can be easily obtained in
various ways
the value of software components  and tools, comes in support
thats why most software companies are open sourced their products  and
are making money on support.

Answer #2    Answered By: Kellie Bishop     Answered On: Oct 26

I have a suggestion for you. You are write, support  is all things. I myself prefer to use large scale companies components  instead of samll.

I think it's better to be in related to for example Oracle company  instead of iranian small companies and spesial persons.

I suggest you Oracle ADF freamework. If you want I can have a session with you to describe more about Oracle Java Framework.

Answer #3    Answered By: Mona Wagner     Answered On: Oct 26

I am already using Oracle ADF JSF components  in some of my projects.
what I am currently more looking into is a more higher level framework,
that has possibly already added Farsi support, (For example the ADF calendar)
and other higher level features like a workflow engine with kartable,
a OR-Mapper with relative tools  (preferably JPA based)
CASE tools, like MDA code generators, CCM tools, etc
and stuff like this that developer teams build for their own benefit
of course I am not searching for reinventions of the wheel but for
higher level products.

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