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i need to call java class from some server-side scripting language

  Asked By: Raynard    Date: Jun 23    Category: Java    Views: 1807

I've written a complicated program in java that I want to be able to
access from the web. I want the program to run on the server, so I
don't want to use Java Webstart/Java applets or anything similar. I
want to be able to pass arguments to the java class and then have
the output become embedded in the webpage.

I've already looked at using php, but php & java is still pretty
flaky. I'm not exactly sure if JSP can do this. I don't think
server-side java script can do this. Recently I came across an
interesting article that you can call java classes from ASP
but that would require the use of IIS which I would prefer not to

Any suggestions on how to do this?



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