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java help needed

  Asked By: Jodon    Date: Apr 30    Category: Java    Views: 1053

Iam learning java for few months.And i plan to
write a java mail server program
and chatting program which serve the following

Java Mail Server:
"Supports MIME.An address book feature provides way
to store mail
addresses.Received messages can be transfered to
custom defined
folders.Alais name can be given to a group of
addresses to ease
group mailing.The user can block particular mail
addresses to stop
receiving mail from those addresses.Once connected
to the server,
other users connected to the mail server can be

Java Chatting:
"Multiple Clients can be connected to the Server
can chat simultaneously.The chat message can be
A user can manage a friends list.Upon connecting to
server,a user will know the persons who are all
to the server.A user can block another user to
messages from that user."

In the case of chatting program, where to store the
friend's list
and other details. Can i be able to store them in a
file or should
i use backend.

In the case of Java mail server, what should i do
to support MIME.
What about the storage details of address
list,mails etc., is a back end

Please help me how to approach these 2 problems.How
long will it take to
write them.What all in java i should learn to write
these.If u have any sample
programs or materials or links, please send them to
me as it would help me a lot.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Marc Anderson     Answered On: Apr 30

First I would like to say that writing a decent email server  or chat  server (and
clients) are each significant projects
on their own. If you really must tackle both (especially after only programming
in Java for a few months) then you will
need to understand that it is a significant amount of work and it will be an
uphill battle. Understand that I am not
trying to discourage you, rather I am trying to give you a little dose of
reality - what you are talking about doing is

Now, on to your questions: You can store  your data anywhere. You may want to do
a mixture of database and flat files
(i.e. database for storing friend lists and flat files for the text of
particular chat discussions.) For supporting
MIME I would suggest looking at the JavaMail API from Sun. It contains most of
the tools necessary to handle MIME
messages. However actually writing an SMTP/POP/IMAP server is going to require
actually getting into the different

Finally, I would suggest that you do some serious research and see if the
programs you are planning on writing already
exist. For your mail  server, perhaps you should look at James (
http://jakarta.apache.org/james ).

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