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Java card Problems

  Asked By: Zobah    Date: Aug 23    Category: Java    Views: 756

I have 2 questions about java card

The first one is
How Install an applet on my java card?
and the second is
How can I recognize my java card JVM version ?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Corey Jones     Answered On: Aug 23

what is your card? you can recognize  the JVM from card  info.
Java Cards are ISO compatible so you can lookup card info in ISO directory two.

what SDK are you using?

Answer #2    Answered By: Troy Kelley     Answered On: Aug 23

The card  information is :
Java Card 2.2.1
Global Platform 2.1.1
ISO 7816.

I know many things about card now. i can read or write my data from it and i can work with java  card API,but the problems  are here that
I'm working With Linux OS and still I cannt find a good IDE for this Card. maybe you say Netbeans but beware that netbeans ide has two problems
first : it supports java card 3 (extended class and servlet) it's not useful for me because it's incompatible with my java card version.
second : you cannt load or install  an applet  in to your card. it just makes a virtual environment for you.

do youhave any suggestion? also if you have had an experiance in windows OS it's not important just tell me :D thnaks.

it's a long time i've been trying to find APDU or ISO 7816 protocol code till send a direct command to install my applet in the card but unfortunately :((

you make me happy if you show me a way or give me a solution to How install my applet. (IDE || any tool || APDU)

Answer #3    Answered By: Gorkem Yilmaz     Answered On: Aug 23

you need some tools to convert and load applets on card.you can find this tools
in company website that produced your card  (and reader).
applet conversion is like this:
java-->class-->cap(jar of caps)

I think that you want to recognize  javacard javacarddevelopementkit version  if
you want to develop an applet.so you can find it in card specification (card
manual,readme,... or company website).

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