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Strings and characters

Posted By: Ollie Moreno     Category: Java     Views: 3723

This article describes strings and characters in java with examples.

What is string in java?

Strings are easily defined by enclosing a series of characters between double quotes. Strings may be of any length, but they cannot include a line break. Java strings are not null-terminated. 

To include a double quote within a string, precede the double quote by a backslash character. In this context, the backslash prevents the compiler from treating the double quote as a termination for the string.

To declare and initialize a variable of type string refer below example.

String s = "This is my string variable."; 

After execution of this statement string variable having name 's' contains the string "This is my string variable.". It can be used anywhere where you can use a string.  

What is character in java?

Java characters are 16 bit unicode characters. Unicode is a character set that can accommodate many different human languages. This enables developers to write java applications that can work for international audiences. 

A character literal is enclosed by single quotes. For example,

char c = 'V';   


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Ollie Moreno
Ollie Moreno author of Strings and characters is from Los Angeles, United States.
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