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Project of Student information management

Posted By: Mikayla Campbell     Category: C Programming     Views: 92750

Project of Student information management.

Code for Project of Student information management in C Programming


 int bubble(int*,int);
 void filewrite();
 void avgmarks();
 void fileprint();
 void filesort();
 void rollin();

/*********************** SORTING FUNCTION ***************************/
int bubble(int x[],int n) { int hold,j,pass,i,switched = 1; for(pass = 0; pass < n-1 && switched == 1;pass++) { switched=0; for (j=0;j<n-pass-1;j++) if (x[j]>x[j+1]) { switched=1; hold = x[j]; x[j] = x[j+1]; x[j+1]=hold; } } return(0); } /*********************** FILE WRITING FUNCTION ******************************/
void filewrite() { int roll,ch,mark; char nam[50]; FILE *fp; clrscr(); fp = fopen("student.txt","a"); printf("ENTER ROLL NUMBER, NAME , MARKS \n"); ch =1; while(ch) { scanf("%d%s%d",&roll,&nam,&mark); fprintf(fp,"%d %s %d\n",roll,nam,mark); printf("\n\n press 1 to continue,0 to stop"); scanf("%d",&ch); } fclose(fp) ; } /******************** OUTPUTING DATA ON SCREEN***************/
void fileprint() { int marks[100],rollno[100],x[100],i; char name[100][50]; FILE *fp; clrscr(); fp = fopen("student.txt","r"); i=0; printf("ROLLNO NAME MARK\n"); while(!feof(fp)) { fscanf(fp,"%d %s %d\n",&rollno[i],&name[i],&marks[i]); printf(" %d %s %d\n",rollno[i],name[i],marks[i]); i=i+1; } fclose(fp); printf("\n\n\nPRESS ANY KEY"); getch(); } /******************* SORTING FILE ************************/
void filesort() { int marks[100],rollno[100],x[100],n,i,j; char name[100][50]; FILE *fp,*fm; fp = fopen("student.txt","r"); fm = fopen("marks.txt","w"); i=0; while(! feof(fp)) { fscanf(fp,"%d %s %d\n",&rollno[i],&name[i],&marks[i]); x[i]= marks[i]; i=i+1; } n=i; bubble(x,n); for(i=0;i<n;i++) { printf(" %d\t",x[i]); } for(i=0;i<n;i++) { for (j=0;j<n;j++) { if(x[i]==marks[j]) { fprintf(fm,"%d %s %d\n",rollno[j],name[j],marks[j]); } } } fclose(fm); fclose(fp); printf("\n\n\nPRESS ANY KEY"); getch(); } /************************* DATA USING ROLLNO***************************/
void rollin() { int i,roll,ch,mark,roll1; char nam[50]; FILE *fm; ch=1; while(ch) { clrscr(); fm = fopen("marks.txt","r"); printf(" \n ENTER ROLL NUMBER - "); scanf("%d",&roll1); i=0; while(! feof(fm)) { fscanf(fm,"%d %s %d\n",&roll,&nam,&mark); if(roll1==roll) {printf("\nROLLNO. NAME MARKS\n "); printf(" %d %s %d\n",roll,nam,mark); break; } else i=i+1; } printf("\n\npress 1 to see student info, 0 to return to main menu\n"); scanf("%d",&ch); fclose(fm); } } void avgmarks() { int marks[100],rollno[100],n,i; float avg,x; char name[100][50]; FILE *fm; fm = fopen("marks.txt","r"); i=0; while(! feof(fm)) { fscanf(fm,"%d %s %d\n",&rollno[i],&name[i],&marks[i]); x = x + marks[i]; i=i+1; } n = i; avg = x/n; printf("AVERAGE MARKS OF %d STUDENTS ARE - %f ",n,avg); fclose(fm); printf("\n\n\nPRESS ANY KEY"); getch(); } /**************** FUNC. ENDS************************/
void main() { int marks[100],rollno[100],x[100],n,i,j,roll,c,mark,roll1; char name[100][10],nam[50]; while(c!=6) { clrscr(); printf("GIVE CHOICE--\n"); printf(" 1 TO ENTER STUDENT INFO.\n"); printf(" 2 TO SEE STUDENT.TXT FILE\n"); printf(" 3 TO SORT FILE ON BASIS OF MARKS\n"); printf(" 4 TO PRINT STUDENT INFO. USING ROLL NO\n"); printf(" 5 TO FIND AVERAGE OF MARKS\n"); printf(" 6 TO EXIT\n\n--"); scanf("%d",&c); clrscr(); switch(c) { case 1: filewrite(); break; case 2: fileprint(); break; case 3: filesort(); break; case 4: rollin(); break; case 5: avgmarks(); break; case 6: break; default: break; } } }

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Mikayla Campbell
Mikayla Campbell author of Project of Student information management is from Toronto, Canada.
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