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Illustration of string handling functions

Posted By: Jarvia Miller     Category: C Programming     Views: 10567

Illustration of string handling functions.

Code for Illustration of string handling functions in C Programming

   #include    <string.h>                                      
   {   char  s1[20], s2[20], s3[20];                           
       int   x, l1, l2, l3;                                    
       printf("\n\nEnter two string constants \n");            
       scanf("%s %s", s1, s2);                                 
    /* comparing s1 and s2 */
x = strcmp(s1, s2); if(x != 0) { printf("\n\nStrings are not equal \n"); strcat(s1, s2); /* joining s1 and s2 */
} else printf("\n\nStrings are equal \n"); /* copying s1 to s3
strcpy(s3, s1);
/* Finding length of strings */
l1 = strlen(s1); l2 = strlen(s2); l3 = strlen(s3); /* output */
printf("\ns1 = %s\t length = %d characters\n", s1, l1); printf("s2 = %s\t length = %d characters\n", s2, l2); printf("s3 = %s\t length = %d characters\n", s3, l3); } Output Enter two string constants ? New York Strings are not equal s1 = NewYork length = 7 characters s2 = York length = 4 characters s3 = NewYork length = 7 characters Enter two string constants ? London London Strings are equal s1 = London length = 6 characters s2 = London length = 6 characters s3 = London length = 6 characters

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Jarvia Miller
Jarvia Miller author of Illustration of string handling functions is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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