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Posted By: Sarita Patel     Category: SQL Server     Views: 3947

This article explains about @@IDENTITY function in sql server with examples.

@@IDENTITY returne the last identity value generated in any table in the current session. 

After an INSERT, SELECT INTO, or bulk copy statement completes, @@IDENTITY contains the last identity value generated by the statement. 

If the statement did not affect any tables with identity columns, @@IDENTITY returns NULL. 

If multiple rows are inserted, generating multiple identity values, @@IDENTITY returns the last identity value generated. 

The scope of the @@IDENTITY function is the local server on which it is executed. This function cannot be applied to remote or linked servers. 

Syntax of @@IDENTITY Function :


Return type of @@IDENTITY function is a numeric.

Examples of @@IDENTITY Function :

Example 1 : Use of @@IDENTITY function in select clause 



Above example returns null as in current session no rows are inserted in any table.


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Sarita Patel
Sarita Patel author of @@IDENTITY - IDENTITY Function is from United States.
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