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How to connect Oracle database in Asp.net

Posted By: Vivek Patel     Category: Asp.net     Views: 47212

This article will explains how to make oracle connection in asp.net code using c#

In order to connect oracle database from your asp.net application, you need to follow following steps.

1) Add reference of Oracle database client library.  

  • Right click on “Add Reference” inside your project.
  • From Add Reference dialog box click on “.Net” tab
  • Select “System.Data.OracleClient” from Component Name 
  • Click “OK” button to add reference.

2) Inside Web.Config File, Add connection string


<add name="ConnStr" 
connectionString="Data Source=<DB ServerName>;User ID=<SchemaName/UserName>;Password=<Password>;Persist Security Info=True;Connection Lifetime=10" providerName="System.Data.OracleClient"></add>


Now you are ready to make oracle connection
Add following function in your code file. 

3) Function to read oracle connection string from web.config file.

private OracleConnection GetConnection()
            var conString = System.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["ConnStr"];
            string strConnString = conString.ConnectionString;
            return new OracleConnection(strConnString);

4) Call GetConnection function to use oracle connection in your code.

 //Sample code to open and close oracle connection
protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            OracleConnection oConn = GetConnection();

            if (oConn != null)

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Vivek Patel
Vivek Patel author of How to connect Oracle database in Asp.net is from United States. Vivek Patel says

I have started working in .Net Technology since its beta release and lucky to got chance to work on .Net 1.1, 2.0 and now working on .Net 3.5. I have worked in both C# and VB.Net for Asp.net Projects. I can also provide Sharepoint development needs. I can efficiently switch role from Tech Lead and Developer. I have comprehensive knowledge of Asp.net Development. I have been award Microsoft Most Valuable Award twice in Asp.net Technology.

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Vipin Tyagi from India Comment on: Mar 25
Hey this is not fully describe how to connect with oracle

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