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Windows command line networking: nbtstat

  Shared By: technoblogical      Date: Sep 03      Category: Networking     
nbtstat is a little used command in the windows world. It shows NetBIOS statistics. NetBIOS dates back to the day when no one used TCP/IP and DNS. It was Microsoft's method of getting machines to talk to each other. It's the equivalent of machines shouting out (broadcasting) names looking for each other. However, it is not routable. That means local network only. That also adds a security feature. If no one on the other network can use it for your network, then no one there can access your NetBIOS shared folders and printers. You may access NetBIOS machines with a WINS server. That is the NetBIOS equivalent of a DNS server. nbtstat is not that important of a command, but it still has it's occasional use. Providing training videos since last Tuesday. technoblogical.com Thanks for watching.

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