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SvR10 360 - WWF Championship - Last Man Standing - The Rock vs Steve Austin - 1/2 - Entrances

  Shared By: DazzaTheKing      Date: Nov 01      Category: WWF     
With The Great One and the Texas Rattlesnake both in SvR2010, I wanted to do a special match with the two of them as my first 2010 vid on YouTube.. and I remembered that at Survivor Series back in 2001 I think it was, there was that "Winner Takes All" tag-team match, which was headed by Rock (as the WCW Champ) and Austin (as the WWF Champ)... So I thought "let's have both champs in a LMS match!) I wanted to do my best Finkel impersonation for the entrances, so I hope that wasn't too bad. Also, I know the World title used to be the WCW title, but the classic WCW title is in the game too, and the old WWF belt isn't.. so I used the World title instead of the WWE title, which would've looked out-of-place.


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