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Software Testing: Implementing Automated Testing

  Shared By: IBMRational      Date: Sep 28      Category: Testing     
www.ibm.com Nijs Blokland of Sogeti speaks about the current challenges of software testing. In an economic downtown clients want to spend less money on testing without compromising on quality. His company has faced this challenge by implementing automated testing, using Rational to build the models on which their testing scripts are based. [Nijs Blokland, Sogeti] Im Nijs Blokland, Im a managing director of Sogeti software control in the Netherlands and Im head of the testing community within the whole software group. Testing is a kind of craftsmanship. You do it by hand. We started doing it by hand and we started it twenty years ago. As you see right now, there is not really become a new technology in testing. So, we do it in several different environments but testing technology is not really changed. What we see now, at this moment, and at this very special moment with economic downturn, is that the clients wants to spend less time and less money on testing. But they dont want to have less quality. So what we are forced by the economic situation right now to uh search new ways on testing and then we come to a very speed up of automated testing. If you want to automate your testing business you have to make the basis of the automation. You have to identify it on a very high level and that is where the Rational services is coming in. My opinion, you can build testing scripts based on modeling on a very high level. So, if you make requirements -- base your Rational tooling <b>...</b>

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