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Poken: Extending Online Social Networking Into the Real World

  Shared By: GoogleTechTalks      Date: Feb 10      Category: Networking     
Google Tech Talks January 14, 2009 ABSTRACT Website: www.doyoupoken.com Picture yourself on a university campus, or in a bar. You come across some friends, and meet some new people with whom you would like stay in touch. Instead of jotting down each person's email address, you simply pull your Poken out of your pocket and touch it against the other person's Poken. Next time you log in to your favorite social network, your profiles are linked and you can access enhanced functionality and services such as viewing your social interactions in a timeline. Poken is building a service as yet unseen on the Internet, that fits right in with the move towards more open, easily accessible social networks. Combining a low-cost designer keychain accessory, containing our patented RF communication technology, and an open web-based API, we provide the tools that enable any social network to extend their reach into the real world. Speaker Stephane Doutriaux In 1999 Stephane launched a Montreal-based internet start-up developing algorithms for on-demand delivery of high-fidelity audio over digital cable networks. Following this early career experience he held various positions in the high-tech industry in Canada, France and Spain. He recently completed an MBA at Switzerlands Institute for Management Development (IMD). In 2007, Stephane grew a virtual cosmetics company and sold it to the board of LOreal, as part of the e-Strat International Business Strategy Competition.


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