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Nastran Finite Element Analysis Software Engineering Simulation Demo Video

  Shared By: neisoftware      Date: Dec 02      Category: Software Engineering     
Product simulations done by NEi Nastran. www.NEiSoftware.com NEi Nastran gives you full Nonlinear Event Simulation capability and allows you to produce structural FEA animations in a variety of formats that allow you to actually see what is happening with your product analysis. Put NEi Nastran to work for your company today and see your products in action before they enter the marketplace. This video shows Nonlinear Transient Analysis of an engine assembly and other structural analyses with large displacements, rotations and surface contact. Contact NEi Software for a free buyer's guide or a live demonstration on your tough analysis problem. 1-877-NASTRAN (714) 899-1220 info@neisoftware.com NEiNastran.com


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