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"What can we learn from software engineering and why?"

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NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE School of Computing CSSEMINAR TITLE : "What can we learn from software engineering and why?" SPEAKER : Prof. Mehdi Jazayeri University of Lugano Switzerland TIME : April 23, 2010, 10:00am - 12:00pm, Fri VENUE : LT34, SoC1, Level 3 School of Computing, National University of Singapore Chaired by Dr Jarzabek, Stanislaw (stan@comp.nus.edu.sg) ABSTRACT: Software is critical to the working of our modern society. Software is pervasive, it works, it is invisible, it just seems to run things well and stay out of the way. This is not by accident. Over time, software engineers have developed techniques for creating functioning software that is efficient and dependable. Software is so smoothly woven into our machines and services that despite its pervasiveness, most people do not even realize its presence in the devices and services they use. Software engineering is about understanding problems and implementing solutions that will work now and forever, economically, reliably, and efficiently. Software engineers have developed an approach and a way of thinking to tackle problems and look for near-perfect solutions. Unfortunately, this attitude does not make them popular with managers, who would prefer a less perfect solution that is delivered on time and at less cost. The approach does not make them popular with other computer scientists (eg computational scientists) who just want to get the software running and get the results out, never mind <b>...</b>

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