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How to Display an Image in a Java Portlet JSR168: A Tutorial

  Shared By: tutorials168portlets      Date: Jul 13      Category: Online Certifications     
The original, high resolution, full screen video can be seen at www.scja.com (Just follow the link at the top of the page for Portlet Tutorials and Examples) This tutorial, which comes with both a video and the accompanying Java Source example code, shows you how to develop a JSR-168 compliant portlet that uses a Java Server Page (JSP) to display an image. Displaying an image in a portlet isn't as easy as displaying an image in a normal JSP or a Servlet. You need to encode the namespace, and make sure you are linking to the right location in the portlet war. If there are any errors. the portal page aggregation process will not locate your image, and you may end with not found errors on your client page, or at the very least, errors in your log files. This tutorial will help you learn hot to propertly display gif and jpg images in a portlet window, and help you avoid any problems or PortletException objects. For the full resolution CBT tuturial, go to www.thebookonhibernate.com (that's my Hibernate and JPA tutorials site) and click on the link at the top for Portlet Tutorials. (There's also a bunch of links for free, mock certification Java exams for getting Sun certified. Check those out, along with my associated books on the topic) And if you really liked this tutorial, don't be afraid to buy my book on JSR168 Portlet Development and Programming.


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