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Demonstrating my IBM PC/XT (5160), Part 1/2

  Shared By: TheMovieCreator      Date: Mar 08      Category: Assembly Language     
Somehow, the video window size is a little off. Please try to ignore it. This is my early-model IBM PC/XT. It's assembled 25 March 1985, and consist of an Intel 8088 CPU + 8087 FPU running at 4,77MHz along with a DMA controller, three I/O ports for system controll, a highly programable timer used for memory refresh/hardware-driving the "BEEP'er"/time-of-day, an 7-level Interupt controller, an 8-bit ISA bus with 8 slots, a BIOS full of usefull system subroutines including a fully functional BASIC interepter & bootstrap-loader and 256Kb of RAM on the system board. In addition to this, it has a 256Kb memory expansion card. It got two full height Tandon TM 100-2 floppy drives (360Kb each), but no hard drive. The graphics card is an ATI 'Small Wonder' Graphics Solution, one of ATI's first graphics cards. A nice feautre of this card is that it can display CGA graphics on a monochrome monitor, at the same time including Hercules graphics support. In addition, I got a Creative SoundBlaster Pro2 (CT1600) in it. The operating system used is PC-DOS 2.1. The IBM PC/XT was the succsessor to the original IBM PC. It was released in 1983 and made untill 1987. It differs from the original PC in that it got more expansion slots (8 vs. 5), but lacks the cassette port. The early model (shown here), can take from 64Kb to 256Kb of RAM on the system-board (motherboard) and if more RAM was needed, you had to add certain ISA expansion cards. Sometime durning 1985, the design was upgraded to <b>...</b>

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