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AT&T Unix PC booting

  Shared By: lordtaw      Date: Apr 25      Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu     
This is my AT&T Unix PC booting up. This was given to me by a family friend who bought it new around 1984/1985. It sat unused since 1991 and booted when it was first given to me in 1999 (along with a 3b1). I played around with it for a few weeks until I shelved it. While cleaning out the basement I decided to try and boot the old beat and wouldn't you know after 10 years the dam thing still boots! (No, I didn't throw it out) I cant believe that after sitting for nearly 20 years it still works. I use Linux and wow using a 25+ year old shell does take some getting used to. Amazing how little the Unix file system hierarchy has changed, we still use /bin /etc /dev /lib /mnt and /tmp. For any of you who grew up on PC computers in the 80's you will all remember the very loud and distinct MFM hard disk sound as the stepper motor moved the heads around the platters. System specs for the PC7300 are: * Processor: Motorola MC68010, 10 MHz * RAM: 512 KB - 3.5 MB * Storage: (1) internal 10MB 5.25" HH ST-506 interface MFM drive, (1) 5.25" DSDD floppy drive * Operating System: UNIX System V (R2 with some R3 and BSD enhancements) * 1200 BPS modem Next to it is a 3b1 that was also given to me with a bad 40 MB disk. Maybe one day I could try and emulate the bad disk with with a compact flash card tied to the system with an fpga.

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