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Which CMS plateform is best for Ecommerce website development?

  Asked By: Kristin    Date: Aug 07    Category: General    Views: 1933

There are many platform available for eCommerce website development but I have no idea about which platform is best for eCommerce. http://www.ariestco.com/ suggest me magneto. So is it good platform for eCommerce development.



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Answer #1    Answered By: John Oldman     Answered On: Jul 20

Magento: With nearly 21% of the world’s top 100,000 ecommerce sites built on the Magento platform*, it is by far the most popular and one of the best ecommerce CMS’ being used today. Its biggest advantages are the large number of plugins and extensions available which allow the addition of any new functionality, the ease of availability of experienced developers as well as a lower overall development and maintenance cost.


Robust platform with a high level of functionality and customizability
Large number of marketplace extensions available
Highly active community for assistance with tutorials and troubleshooting options
More SEO-friendly as compared to most other platforms
It is highly-scalable – no need would arise to upgrade to another platform while scaling up in future

It requires sufficient server space to operate efficiently at high speeds. Smaller servers may cause speed and other related issues
Might be too complex for businesses that are too small
WooCommerce: WooCommerce is a Wordpress plugin used for building ecommerce websites on the Wordpress platform. A large number of Wordpress themes have the WooCommerce functionality built-in. The plugin provides almost all the features that are available in the other open-sources CMS’ listed here. WooCommerce might work out more user-friendly and cost-effective for smaller businesses as well as for those familiar with Wordpress.


Easy setup - Wordpress requires very little time to get familiar
Runs on Wordpess – so does not have powerful servers requirements
Good number of lower-priced add-ons and themes available
Huge Wordpress support community

Might not work for mid and large size businesses or for businesses looking to scale up soon.

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Answer #2    Answered By: Lewis Hamilton     Answered On: Dec 02

1) MAGENTO. Magento is undoubtedly the top leading platform for open commerce innovation in the eCommerce CMS world.
3) woocommerce.
Hope this helps you!