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Questions about Use Cases

  Asked By: Daisy    Date: Feb 23    Category: Java    Views: 744

I have some questions about use case please help me!

1. Consider we have two use cases one named "Prepare Order" & second named
"Search Customer" and we have this basic flow for Prepare Order

1. The user asks system to prepare a new order
2. System asks user to specify the customer by means of searching the
3. The user searches the customer and selects it!
4. The system displays the customer name and other info and...

Is this use case specification correct?
Is the "Search Customer" use case included in the "Prepare Order" use case?

2. Is it true that for maintain an entity like customer specification or
student info.(their names, address or etc) we have a single use case named
"Maintain Customer Information" or "Maintain Student information" (with
basic flow named add new customer or add new student and specific alternate
flow named "modify customer info" and "remove customer" or "modify student
info" and
"Remove student")
Or we must have separated use cases for creating (adding), modify and remove
customer or student?

3. Consider we have a use case named "manage units" for managing some
hierarchy units for example adding new units under other units or editing or
removing them!
Is this name "manage units" is suitable for this use case or I must use
another name?
Is the name "browse units" is suitable for this case?

Consider again that we have another use case named "maintain store info"
which consist of a basic flow named "add new store" and alternative flows
named "modify store info" and "remove store".
And consider that store is a unit and can be placed under another unit!

Is this correct that "maintain store info" use case extends the "manage
units" use case mentioned above?
Or the "manage units" includes the "maintain store info" use case?

Please help me



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