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Mail Box Question

  Asked By: Jaxson    Date: Dec 26    Category: Java    Views: 608

I have a problem with ASP and JSP. I want to read the contents of a
mail box from an ASP or JSP program. My ASP or JSP program should
read the emails from a specific mail box and then process the
commands inside each email. I want to be able to manage my web
application via email.
I tried to find a source code or any method for implementing this,
but I didn't find anything in the search engines.
Do you have any idea about this?
Is it possible to read emails from asp or jsp?
If it is not possible to do this in asp or jsp, is there any other
way to read the contents of a mail box using CGI or Perl or PHP or
any other possible method?
If you know anything about this question, tips, tricks and etc.



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Jaime Bowman     Answered On: Dec 26

For Java -> use JavaMail (java.sun.com/products/javamail). If using an app server you should already have it in it.

Answer #2    Answered By: Brandon Tucker     Answered On: Dec 26

I have written E-Mail stuff in JSP,ASP and PHP.It is not hard though.
What you should do is to first select the protocol: IMAP, POP/SMTP and you
can easily find  some good samples.

If you want to work with folders and lots of things you'd better go with

If you want to manage  web-applications via email  it is upto you to do the

Use words like : IMAP JSP SAMPLE ...
also there is a book from WROX which you can find a sample chapter
online, even that is great.

In ASP there is special ojbect which can work with email easily.

I have done those folder stuff and IMAP with PHP, as always PHP is a
magic: EASY and HANDY

Answer #3    Answered By: Al Allen     Answered On: Dec 26

With a single search  I found lots of it. You can find  more and test them.

Go on with them and find out more.

1) A good FAQ : www.jguru.com/faq/subtopic.jsp?topicID=110900
2) http://www.hotscripts.com/Detailed/13467.html

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