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Asp.net interview questions

  Asked By: Harry    Date: Jan 17    Category: Asp.net    Views: 1408

I am having my interview tomorrow so preparing for that anyone
can give me some questionaires for the Interview esp. for ASP.NET and



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Answer #1    Answered By: Josie Roberts     Answered On: Jan 17

would you be prepeared to move to Iraq for the next 3 years ?
where do you buy your clothes ?
how old are you and have you got any kids ?
do you wanna go out for a drink ?
what is the difference between asp.NET and VB.NET
what is the difference between jit compiled code and java interpreted code
why is the CLR so slow ?
wouldn't you prefer to use native code in your pc applications ?
why choose asp.NET over java ?
why choose VB.NET over VB6
why choose VB at all, why not choose C#
do you think C++ is too hard ?
what do you think of ActiveX and tell us why they failed against java ?
tell us someting about security and the "sandbox" model
what is a html server control and what is the difference compared to an asp  web server control ?
do you like my tie ?
do you like me ?
how much money do you think we are going to pay you ?
what is the minimum you'd accept ?
do you know how to half that ?
do you still want to work for us ?
what are the difficulties encountered when obfuscating asp.NET code ?
why would you want to ?
why does .NET GDI flicker and lag ?
how can you use unmanaged code in .NET ?
what do you think of the courts decision to force Microsoft to include Sun's VM in future versions of Windows ? (out of order ?? I think so)

how many sugars do you take ?
when can you start ?

Answer #2    Answered By: Marc Anderson     Answered On: Jan 17

gives you an idea how well they know their past stuff and how credible
their claim to knowledge of future stuff.

Answer #3    Answered By: Kiet Jainukul     Answered On: Jan 17

How important is COM knowledge when going for an asp.NET job ?

Most companies will want to be rewritig their COM in .NET, and NOT
importing/interoperating with it.
Thus, it could be suggested, that .NET is way more important.

I would suggest that not much more than superficial COM knowledge is needed
as all you need to use the COM code for really is a spec - it's all going to
get rewritten in full.

Am I right or wrong ?

Answer #4    Answered By: Mae Roberts     Answered On: Jan 17

I agree that this is generally the case where IT needs to "rewrite" a
system. In this case the existing COM code / business logic is out of
date / obsolete. There is still a lot of "legacy COM code" so you need
to be able to create a COM interop wrapper DLL to call the COM code from

The .NET framework has a lot of utility / environment / machine related
information built in so this reduces the need for Utility COM

Regarding ASP.NET interview question.

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Test Outline

.NET Framework
.NET Framework
Class Libraries
Object Orientation
Data Integration
Accessing Data
Data Binding
Updating Data
Application and Session Events
Event Arguments
Event Model
Page and Control Events
Error Handling
Web Applications
Configuring Web Applications
Controlling Web Applications
Creating Web Applications
Deploying Web Applications
Web Controls
Custom Controls
Input Validation Controls
Intrinsic Controls
List Bound Controls
Rich Controls
User Controls
Web Forms
Using the IDE
Web Services
Consuming Web Services
Creating Web Services

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