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Multi User ASP.Net

  Asked By: Kaua    Date: Jun 02    Category: Asp.net    Views: 1707

As anybody any suggestions where I look on creating a multi user
ASP.NET application. I want to be able for user 1 to lock a record
that disables user 2 from accessing it and know how to safegaurd if
the user closes the browser (without logging out) or the browser



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Kelly Bell     Answered On: Jun 02

On reading your mail, i have the same doubt.

1) I have not seen any instances of locking a
table/database/row in any of the ADO.Net examples i
have seen so far.

2) In a disconnected dataset environment, how does the
system take into account the changes that might have
been made by another user, before this dataset updates
back the database ?

Answer #2    Answered By: Angel Harris     Answered On: Jun 02

It appears that locks in ADO.Net are implemented by
the isolationLevel associated with the ADO.NET
Transaction. I suppose that by default it is
"ReadCommitted" which would be some kind of a
pessimistic lock.

I hope somebody can confirm or correct this.

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