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Questions regarding cache and session

  Asked By: Bogart    Date: Jul 23    Category: Asp.net    Views: 924

I am newbie to caching feature. I have two questions regarding this.

1. I have to save information like userID, password and other namevaluecollection objects in a session or cache so that I can retreive them in other pages. Can you suggest me whether its better to save the information in cache or session. If the information is saved in cache is the information accesible to only the specific user or to all users. Also how do you establish dependencies in cache.

2. This one is about caching pages, so if we enable caching for a page using outputcache directive , are the pages suppplied from cache contain static information or the page will go through the page init, page load and other phase again. Can you guide me to any good link where this is more detailed.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Adalricus Fischer     Answered On: Jul 23

Application object = available to all users  always
Cache object = available to all users, but will expire at some point
Sessions = available to 1 user, will expire after 20 minutes of inactivity by default

has what you want to know about dependencies in cache.

2. This one is about caching pages, so if we enable  caching for a page  using outputcache directive   , are the pages  suppplied from cache  contain static information  or the page will go through the page init, page load  and other phase  again. Can you guide  me to any good  link where this is more detailed.

Basically with OutputCache, the UserControl or Page code only runs for first user  that hits the page/uc.

Think of it this way, I hit a page or UC with a 10 minute cache at 9:01am 30 secs

u1 9:00am 30 secs 10ms => run code => generate HTML
u2 9:00am 30 secs 15ms => USE same HTML we generated for User1
u3 9:00am 31 secs 2ms => USE same HTML we generated for User1

So don't expect to see page_init, page_load, or even an instance of the UserControl object or page after user1. Thus properties or other aspects of the UserControl cannot be interacted with. Run the code @:
for a UserControl that is cached and "blows up" after subsequent calls.

shows my answer in this case. What I wanted (the city, state or zip selection) could be alternatively be pulled out of the request collection in that case.

The part that makes page and fragment/uc caching so powerful is VaryByParam. Lets say we make a jobsearchesults.aspx that is feed inputs jobcategory, city, state, zip from a form. The above model just is not workable, we could not give the people below who supply different inputs the same HTML....

user1 =>
category=ski instructor

user2 =>

user3 =>


<%@ OutputCache Duration="300" VaryByParam="jobcategory;city;state;zip" %>

u1 9:00am 30 secs 10ms => run code => generate HTML cache
tied to "ski instructor/Utah"
expires 9:05am 30 secs 10ms
u2 9:02am 10 secs 15ms => run code => generate HTML cache
tied to "programmer/Dallas"
expires 9:07am 10 secs 15ms
u3 9:03am 31 secs 2ms => run code => generate HTML cache
tied to "teacher/Atlanta"
expires 9:08am 31 secs 2ms
u4 9:03am 35secs 0ms => use HTML cache
tied to "programmer/Dallas"

You can vary by browser as well or any HTTP header. This would allow caches also created for different browsers combinations to be maintained independently.

The beauty of this is two-fold:
1. ASP.net does all the work for you. You just add VaryBy. They do all the "under the covers" tracking of what caches are created/expired/etc.
2. A lot of people don't realize on a busy site how small durations can improve scalablity. Imagine a stock site or Amazon calling a UC with a 20 second cache. If a page was hit 1,000 times in that duration what used to be 1,000 pieces of code running (database connections opened/closed, XML files read/parsed/transformed) are now just resolved by throwing back HTML like lightning to the requestor.

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