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polynomiallinked list help!

  Asked By: Roro    Date: Nov 04    Category: C Programming    Views: 9589

In this assignment, you will implement a Polynomial linked list, the coefficients and exponents of the
polynomial are defined as a node. The following 2 classes should be defined.
1.Class Node
? Private member variables: coefficient (double), exponents (integer), and next pointer.
? Setter and getter functions to set and get all member variables
? constructor
2. Class PolynomialLinkedList
? Private member variable to represent linked list (head)
? Constructor
? Public Function to create a Node
? Public function to insert the Node to the linked list (sorted polynomial according to the
? Public function to print the polynomial in the elegant format: 23x

? Overloaded public function to allow adding two polynomials

? Overloaded public function to allow negating (!) the sign of any polynomial

? Overloaded public function to allow multiplying two polynomials
? Public function to evaluate polynomial based on an input
If x=1, then the value of this polynomial ...

3. Main
? Main menu to test the following tasks
? cout << "1. Create polynomial \n";
? cout << "2. Print polynomial \n";
? cout << "3. Add two polynomilas \n";
? cout << "4. Negate polynomial \n";
? cout << "5. Multiply two polynomials \n ";
? cout << "6. Evaluate polynomial \n ";
? cout << "7. Exit \n";



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