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Opening up 2 excel files without the 'read-write' option appearing

  Asked By: James    Date: Nov 12    Category: MS Office    Views: 939

hope someone can kindly help me with this problem that I have.

User A opens File 1.
User B also wants to open File 1.

However, user B is not allowed to do so as Excel doesn't allow 2
copies of the same file to be opened at the same time.

Instead, File 1 opens in 'read-only' mode for User B. He can only
view the file.

But when User A closes File 1, there will be a prompt to User B
asking him if he wants to open File 1 in 'read-write' mode as there
is now only 1 copy of File 1 being opened.

However, I don't want this prompt to appear. I need to make the
choosing of 'read-write' mode of the file automatic.
i.e the moment user A close File 1, user B's 'read-only' File 1 will
automatically be converted to 'read-write' File 1.



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