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I can not print my images through <html:img> tag in struts

  Asked By: Mada    Date: Jul 17    Category: Java    Views: 1305

i have wrote a project with struts as describe it bellow:

i fill my session with a bean that its property is an

image that is in form of string(i first change my image

to string) this property have setter and getter methods

as usuall.in next jsp i want to use this bean's

property for printing out my image. for achiving this

goal i have a servlet that its duty is first convertion

the string(that obtained from bean) to image and then

printing that image out. therefor i get the bean

through getAttribute() method and then get my image in

form of string through bean's getter method
and use bellow struts tag for sending my image(in form

of string)to the servlet that is responsible for

printing it out:

<html:img paramId="" paramName="" paramProperty="">

(i use a hidden field for paramId)

problem arises when i want to put my bean's property

name(that its content is in form of string)into

paramProperty with this action compiler claims that

this property name doesn't exist.

i ensure about correctnes of my bean's property name

(ie:it is identical which i use for paramProperty)



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