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How to delete duplicate thru vba

  Asked By: Binge    Date: Feb 23    Category: MS Office    Views: 2161

I have a date like this
joe 7.1
john 8.2
lewis -7.1
adam 4.2
ali -8.2
lance 3.9
kallis -4.2
rena 9.9
smack 1.2

In column A i put names of people & in B some values are written.
Now want to separate (cut & paste below the data) those values which are
like (7.1,-7.1 & 8.2, -8.2 & 4.2, -4.2). These six lines should be delete
from the data & paste separately below
my data.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jimmy Abp     Answered On: Feb 23

built-in excel functions will work:

add column  C with Absolute function: =ABS(B2)
then drag the function down the data  column.
add column D with the CountIf function: COUNTIF(C$2:C$10,C2)
then drag the function down the data column.
Then sort column D ascending; your 'duplicates' will be at the bottom of the

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