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Dynamic userform - create nested frames?

  Asked By: Waldemar    Date: Oct 15    Category: MS Office    Views: 1583

I'm trying to create a userform that will display a nested set of
rules inside frames - each frame containing a set of rules.

What happens is if a user clicks on cmdCreate button it creates the
first frame:

Set frameNewRule = frameRule.Controls.Add("forms.frame.1", "frameRule"
& cntRule)

Where frameRule = a frame already on the userform. This part isnt the
problem, what I would like then is to create another dynamic frame
inside that frame but when I try to reference it, I get object not
found errors.

I've tried multiple different combos to no success - my vba is
limited, but here's what I've tried so I have a frame inside that frame:
Set frameNewRule = frameNewRule.Controls.Add("forms.frame.1",
"frameRule" & cntRule)

Set frameNewRule = Me.controls("frameRule" &
cntRule).Controls.Add("forms.frame.1", "frameRule" & cntRule)

Set frameNewRule = Me.controls("frameRule" &
cntRule).Add("forms.frame.1", "frameRule" & cntRule)

Set frameNewRule = form_Test!("frameRule" &
cntRule).Controls.Add("forms.frame.1", "frameRules" & cntRule)
I really thought the first would of worked?

Is there any possible way to dynamically create a new frame inside a
frame that was dynamically created previously?

Please let me know if I'm not being clear enough?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Rickey Scott     Answered On: Oct 15

With the way the message tree works here on the group, I'm
uncertain if you got an answer to your question. I would be
interested in the answer, since I've been looking at a similar
structure for something I'm working on here . . . or, if you haven't
gotten an answer to what you asked, let me know and I'll look
forward to fussing thru it until we get it to work.

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