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Creating table in userform

  Asked By: Fern    Date: Jan 25    Category: MS Office    Views: 14238

Can I create a 10*10 table (i.e. 10 row, 10 column spreadsheet) in the
userform where user can put the input data.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Salvatore Kelly     Answered On: Jan 25

No, not really. The fields in the user form are independent of each other.

Nothing to stop you creating  100 fields, though, if you want to. If you name
them appropriately, you can use common code to manipulate them.

You could create  the 100 fields either in the form designer or dynamically.

Answer #2    Answered By: Deloris Harris     Answered On: Jan 25

Actually, there is another way, which is to place a spreadsheet
right on the form. The title bar and row and column headings can be
hidden if desired. Right-Click in the toolbox and select additional
controls and look for Microsoft Office Spreadsheet xx.y. Then you
can do stuff in the form's code like:

Me.Spreadsheet1.Range("A1:J10").Formula = _

The only thing is, since upgrading to Office XP 2003, I get a nasty
ActiveX warning message when doing this. Otherwise it works great.
Does anybody know how to avoid the message? I searched on this, but
most people said nothing they tried worked.

Answer #3    Answered By: Luisa Fischer     Answered On: Jan 25

I've followed the thread on this and can see how it would work
inserting a spreadsheet. Next step is how do you get the data from
the table  into a database which consists of four columns, row
detail, column detail, amount and header info, ideally ignoring any

Also can I retrieve and edit records by entering header record

Canyone offer any guidance and asstistance.

Answer #4    Answered By: Eshe Chalthoum     Answered On: Jan 25

Have you considered simply using Microsoft Project?

Job (order no, etc) = Activity or task with some log notes in user
Resources can be assign to activities and time-phased (e.g. 50% over
time or 100 hour for that task.) The timephasing can reported be
weekly, month, etc.

Then you could export to your second data base.

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