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userform- search and re-load

  Asked By: Eden    Date: Feb 11    Category: MS Office    Views: 613

I am
relatively new to the VBA excel world and at times VBA logic seems
daunting to me.

I must say though that this group is very knowledgeable and
supportive as I continue to learn from all the postings/questions
that are asked daily. I did go through some of my company's corporate
training sessions on VBA, but nothing compares to the amount of great
support/info gained from web-based sites and groups.

I do have a question that I hope someone may be able to guide me in
the right direction:

With relative success I have designed Userforms forms that print,
email and dump data into a excel file, yet I am a little stuck now as
I have a need to design a function that enables the user to go back
into the form, utilize a password field (already built), enter search
data (from the datadump excel sheet-like a ticket number) and have
the userfrom be re-populated with the initial data.
Something of a "search and load" function for the userfrom



3 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Oscar Evans     Answered On: Feb 11

I was
going to try to reply to your question, but I wasn't sure what you
meant, so I need some more information. I have tried to ask my
clarifications in specific below:

<I have a need to design  a function  that enables the user  to go back
into the form> . . . as in click on a button? . . . select it from
a custom menu? . . . as an automatic response when you do something
like click on a worksheet or change a value in a cell or . . . ?

<utilize a password  field (already built)> so, I'm assuming you
don't need further help with this part

<enter searchdata (from the datadump excel  sheet-like a ticket
number)> as in, enter  criteria that the search, or filter, is based
on? . . . like "all the listings from "Jan 1 to Jan 30, 2008" ? is
that what you meant?

<and have the userfrom be re-populated with the initial data.> I'm
thinking here that you mean to have the userform be re-populated
with that filter or search  criteria in place, so only those items
which match are listed . . . is that what you meant?

And, by the way, I don't know what being "relatively new to VBA"
means, actually . . . but, compared to someone who has used it for
decades, I'm new, too.

Welcome to the "not so silent" part of this great group, though.
Honestly, no one has been shot for saying something yet, although
I'm sure they were tempted to shoot me on occasion.
(Still, they meant well, even as they aimed.)

Have a great evening/day,

Answer #2    Answered By: Michael Evans     Answered On: Feb 11

Hope I have clarified correctly

I am hoping that the users can go into the form,
press a button and do a criteria search  (based on one column in the datadump
spreadsheet) and once they press
"OK" the form  will re-populate with all previously entered data  (address,

The userorm that I developed is a request form that prints a ticket,and with the
potential that users will need to submit multiple requests at different
times,with the same information
having the ability for a user  to do a search and load  will be a good addition to
my userform.

I am at the point where I have a request button with that requires a password,
but not much after that.

Answer #3    Answered By: Woodrow Jones     Answered On: Feb 11

but let me start from the beginning:

"I am hoping that the users can go into the form" . . . from where?
a spreadsheet? when that file  opens? From a user  form? it's not
an issue of being correct, it's an issue of what you are trying to
do from the point that the user makes that 'request . . . the first
part is where they are when they make that request.

what is the user looking at when they press that button? . . . a
spreadsheet, a user form? . . . opening the file from windows?

"and do a criteria search  (based on one column in the datadump

okay . . . only one column? do you have any other criteria, or just
that one column?

and what kind of criteria would they be searching with? . . .
date? . . . time? . . . product? . .. ????

at this point in the conversation, if anyone else in the group  has
some experience with this kind of situation, please jump in . . .

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