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I can not forward my project to servlet with parameters in struts

  Asked By: Rufus    Date: Nov 11    Category: Java    Views: 1243

i have wrote a project with struts as describe it bellow:
i fill my session with a vector that its content are some images (i
get images from oracle DB)and then forward my page to another page(jsp
with struts taglib)to show them on the screen. in that jsp i have some
line of code (in scriptlet form)for eliciting my images one by one
from vector and deliver them(respectivly) to a servlet that is
responsible for showing them on the screen(i do this procces in a
loop).i send every image(in form of string)to my src(that is my
servlet) via <html:img src="" paramid="" paramname=""> tag.
my problem araises here...whenever i write my servlet address in the
src without paramId and paramName program have access to my src from
the jsp, but whenever i want to use request parameter along with my
srevlet,program follow don't enter to my servlet at all. i don't know
what is the matter(further more i am sure about confidentiality
(validity) of values which is put in paramName and paramId).
to mention this tip is important that,i am force to use parameter
(paramId and paramName)along with my src to specialize image should
be printed out.



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Answer #1    Answered By: Jared Adams     Answered On: Nov 11

It would be easyer to help you if u show  use some code  to, difficult
with only text.
Does this forum have any

 function so we can get
highlitghing on our code.