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JBuilder JAR peculiarity

  Asked By: Michael    Date: Aug 28    Category: Java    Views: 775

As I mentioned in the IDE thread, by old
installation of Forte croaked and I
ended up with JBuilder Personal. I like
it greatly except...

The first thing I did with it is fix
a minor bug in an applet. JBuilder
really wanted to put the "main" class
in a package, and when I forced it
not to like Forte did by default
(in the root in the jar file) browsers
couldn't find it. So I let it go with
the package. Under Mozilla/Firebird
you then specify it with
which is what I would expect. But
then IE can't find it, and you have
to specify it with just
code="classname.class". I really
don't want to write all kinds of
broswer-specific code to handle this.

Anyone have an idea what's going on



2 Answers Found

Answer #1    Answered By: Geldefsman Bakker     Answered On: Aug 28

The plot thickens. I got around that
problem by pulling everything out of
the jar  (messy but it helped). This
way both browsers can find  it, but
on IE it works intermittantly, and
when it doesn't it kills all JavaScript
on the page. And this is an applet
that worked find when I built it
with Forte. JBuilder is cool, but
if I can't make a working applet  with
it, it goes to the trash heap. I'm
sure somebody must have at one time
or another. Very frustrating.

Answer #2    Answered By: Von Fischer     Answered On: Aug 28

Still don't have any answers other than
that it did the same thing  with IE
when compiled with JDeveloper or
Eclipse. Starting to think it's a
JavaScript problem that I hadn't
noticed before. As for the JAR file
issue, I'll ponder on that later.
Too much else to do right now. But
I'd still be interested in hearing
anyone's thoughts on the matter.
Despite wasting a day on all this,
I still like JBuilder better than
anything else.

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