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download status of jar file

  Asked By: Koila    Date: Jun 04    Category: Java    Views: 705

I have this big jar file, which gets downloaded onto my users
I'm using <applet archive="myjar.jar"></applet> for the jar file
download. Since the jar file
is pretty big, it takes a while to download, and there is not
indication to the user that
the jar file is being downloaded. I would like to provide some kind
of visual indication, and I'm in need of some help.
Couple of solutions I have in mind.

1. Use JProgressbar. I have tried this, but couldnt get it working.
mainly because, I don't have the source files
for the java classes that are included in the jar file. I have only
the .class files.
2. Load another applet before this, using <applet></applet> tag, and
display "downloading please wait".
I tried this, and message appears. But the thing is, this message
should disapper after the
big jar file download completes, and I'm not sure how to figure out
the download status of big jar file.



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