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Swing questions

  Asked By: Kevin    Date: Jun 11    Category: Java    Views: 567

I've been able to get the jar tool working finally, thanks for
the help, and also the ant tool didn't really work out, although just writing
some batch files is as good, and saves on alot of space...
I have some questions on the swing components..
1/ Is there an easy way(ie. an actual component) to implement a status bar,
that will place itself correctly(like the menu bar) and look right? I've
looked for this but can't find anything, and if there is a way to do it I
can't find that either, I've checked the API docs
2/ This I also can't find an answer for in the docs, I've seen it done in
other apps but can't find how to do it in my app. How do you change the icon
that is shown at the top-left of the window, instaed of it being the
3/ This is a problem. How would I update a table with user input. I have
tried it but it doesn't seem to update it...nothing happen. This is the code
I have for it:


new Object[]{LAddCode.getText(),
That code is from the actionPerformed(ActionEvent event) method, all the
variables are set up, and I've been able to add items to the table at
start-up from a file, but it doesn't seem to do it when the app is already
Thanks for any help on these matters
Thanks in advance.
BTW the swing version is the one shipped with the J2SDK 1.4.0 version, I
belive it is swing version 1.1.1...
And my OS is windows 98



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