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Problem on deploying CMP with JBuilder 7 on Weblogic 7

  Asked By: Juana    Date: Feb 01    Category: Java    Views: 710

I have some problems to deploying a CMP entity bean on Weblogic 7 with JBuilder 7 .

I have only one CMP entity bean and only one session bean that act as a fesade for entity bean

I can compile my project with no error or warning but when I want to deploy it , I accident with

following error . this problem are in both issues EJB 1.1 AND EJB 2.0 and I can deploy in both way

never with deploying from the inside of JBuilder neither with deploying from the Weblogic console

please guide me if nobody knows any information about it

error page is :

error page is like this : aaa2 = module name ; aaa3 = entity bean name ; aaa4 = session bean name

D:\bea\jdk131_03\bin\javaw -classpath D:\bea\weblogic700\server\lib\weblogic_sp.jar;D:\bea\weblogic700\server\lib\weblogic.jar; weblogic.Deployer -adminurl http://alireza:7001 -user alireza -password 12345678 -activate -name aaa2 -upload -source D:/jbproject/aaa/aaa2.jar
Operation started, waiting for notifications...

#TaskID Action Status Target Type Application Source

7 Activate Failed myserver Server aaa2 D:\bea\user_projects\mydomain\aaa2.jar
Exception:weblogic.management.ApplicationException: Prepare failed. Task Id = 7
Module: aaa2 Error: Exception preparing module: EJBModule(aaa2,status=NEW)

Unable to deploy EJB: D:\bea\user_projects\mydomain\aaa2.jar from aaa2.jar:

EJB : aaa4 .Unable to initialize method info for remote or home interface.The error is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: [Lcom/borland/dx/dataset/DataSetData;

at java.lang.Class.getMethods0(Native Method)

at java.lang.Class.getMethods(Class.java:737)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.ClientDrivenBeanInfoImpl.initializeMethodInfos(ClientDrivenBeanInfoImpl.java:1059)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.ClientDrivenBeanInfoImpl.<init>(ClientDrivenBeanInfoImpl.java:219)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.SessionBeanInfoImpl.<init>(SessionBeanInfoImpl.java:106)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.BeanInfoImpl.createBeanInfoImpl(BeanInfoImpl.java:329)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.initializeBeanInfos(MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.java:429)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.<init>(MBeanDeploymentInfoImpl.java:164)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.EJBDeployer.setupBeanInfo(EJBDeployer.java:944)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.EJBDeployer.prepare(EJBDeployer.java:1251)

at weblogic.ejb20.deployer.EJBModule.prepare(EJBModule.java:235)

at weblogic.j2ee.J2EEApplicationContainer.prepareModule(J2EEApplicationContainer.java:1446)

at weblogic.j2ee.J2EEApplicationContainer.prepare(J2EEApplicationContainer.java:654)

at weblogic.j2ee.J2EEApplicationContainer.prepare(J2EEApplicationContainer.java:552)

at weblogic.management.deploy.slave.SlaveDeployer.processPrepareTask(SlaveDeployer.java:1056)

at weblogic.management.deploy.slave.SlaveDeployer.prepareUpdate(SlaveDeployer.java:724)

at weblogic.drs.internal.SlaveCallbackHandler$1.execute(SlaveCallbackHandler.java:24)

at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.execute(ExecuteThread.java:152)

at weblogic.kernel.ExecuteThread.run(ExecuteThread.java:133)



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