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About Architecture Model

  Asked By: Lewis    Date: Oct 20    Category: Java    Views: 1838

I have to design an architecture for a distributed & Integrated system with
the following sepecifications:

It consist of several Back Office Server connected (mainly offline) by JMS
and each Back Office can be used either by Consoule Application(Which is
written in Delphi and Use SOAP Protcol for accessing the services offered by
Back Office server for Data Entry & Admin purpose) or a Browser (for
reporting Purpose for example).

I nead some Ideas for specifying the Architecture (Design Model,Deployment
Model,Process Model & Component Model) and Creating a Software Architecture

For Example I am confused about Drawing Deployment View( Is it specified
layers o a single system or shows the station which container Back Office
Software,DBMS or ...)?

An About the Design Model , Do you suggest that I package every system (like
Consule, Back Officess) or not and if I packaged them what is the stereotype
of such a packages (because I don't think subsystem is correct stereo type)

Does anyone have any Idea, any Resource any Referance or even a Sample SAD
Document or Model?



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Answer #1    Answered By: Hoor Khan     Answered On: Oct 20

You can use the suggested template from RUP (Rational Unified Process); if
you buy it, you will get the template with the suggested structure to create
the software architecture  description document.

For now, I will suggest  you an initial software  architecture document
structure (see below), so you can start working on your assigment. In fact,
software architecture is not mature enough to have a cook book for different
aspects, but learn about the 4+1 View Model from RUP and The Cube Framework
from SunTone Architecture Methodoloy. I hope this will help.

I have a IT consulting company on Software Architecture, Lucasian Labs and
we provide services  for software architecture description and assestment; so
if you need some help, please let us know. We still do not have our website
in english (just spanish), but you can check our consulting services at:


Answer #2    Answered By: Hugo Williams     Answered On: Oct 20

suggest u 2 c , CDM methodology .
i deployed 5 software  with it successfully .
it's new version of Oracle case*method

Answer #3    Answered By: Amelia Schmidt     Answered On: Oct 20

There is a new version of CDM, called: JCDM (Oracle J2EE Custom
Developmen Method), if you ever need to develop software  projects
using Java. JCDM is based on the experience using the Unified
Process Framework.

JCDM, leverages Oracles Consulting's intellectual capital, by
reusing data  centric processes, tasks and deliverables from existing
methods, such as: CDM.

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